➳ There's a war inside my mind ➳
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Queen Dee, ready to rule.

thousands of followers and not a single person to talk to on nights like these
when i cant sleep because everything reminds me of you
every time i think i move on you always seem to find your way back inside my mind and i cant stop it 
i still remember all the things you said to me that covered every inch of my body with words so deep i felt it in my bones
but more than that, i remember those nights when you told me how your feelings were gone - dead - forgotten like a scribbled drawing in the notebook of your mind you used to keep me in
and that - that’s what is poison, that’s what courses through my veins and arteries ; sometimes it’s a song, a picture, a memory, but all these sights and sounds pull me back down. back to you-

I fell asleep writing this the other night, I just saw it saved as a draft. I find myself doing this a lot lately.

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Black & Gold
poisonyou: ,love your blog :)

thank youu

Anonymous: Your so damn ugly -____-

thanks i dont even have to try :~)

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